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Award report
What is an award?

An award is a recognition of a person for his/her intellect, product, service, knowledge, and/or skill to enhance any essential ingredient of economy.

An award is a prize or other reward that is given to someone who has achieved something.

Are all awards genuine and justified?

No, they are not.

What are examples of awards that are not genuine or unjustified?

In some regions, people get involved in harms or crimes while reinforcing fraudulently placed regimes, and then receive an award.

What questions should be answered in this context?

What is the category of this award?

What did this person do to enhance essential ingredients of the economy, or use skills, knowledge, production, or service in essential ingredients of economy that deserves an award?

What should be included in a genuine award?

A citation, a medal.
Increased remuneration and resources also are recommended.

Do not involve any money. Transfer of money within or from outside the state is going to harm the state economy.