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Water Filtration Plant

Bottled water-Project Report

Water Quality Control

Public Health Engineering/water works/etc, through technical monitoring, surveillance, and enforcement action, is responsible for assuring that quality of drinking water, as distributed by public supply or obtained commercially as bottled water, is in full compliance with Federal, State, and local standards. This task is accomplished by surveillance sampling and performance of water treatment facility inspections.

The PHE also assures that the quality of waters used for recreational purposes, at pools and beaches, are constructed and operated in compliance which protect the public health and safety.
Water and Wastewater Plans Review
Technical Assistance
Swimming Pool Reviews
Public Facility Reviews
Institutional Reviews
Grants Evaluations
Highway Right of Way Approvals
Coastal Management and Waterway Approvals
Community Sewerage Program
On-Site Sewage Technology Evaluation/Approval

Water Filtration Plant/Water Treatment Plant-Project Report

How many total districts/counties are there?
How many Water Filtration Plant/Water Treatment Plants are there?
Why we need to build another Water Filtration Plant/Water Treatment Plants?
What's the best way to build another Water Filtration Plant/Water Treatment Plants?
(A-1) = Name of the Water Filtration Plant/Water Treatment Plant.
What are the demographics of the PHE's/city's (A-1) service area?
What are the water sources for the (A-1) Water Treatment Plant?
How are Water Systems Monitored?
How are Treatment Techniques used to monitor drinking water?
What was the capacity of the old (A-1) Water Treatment Plant?
What is the capacity of the new (A-1) Water Treatment Plant?
Is the project on budget?
Impacts on Community
Large-scale construction projects will always have activities that will impact the surrounding neighborhood. (For Example: Road detour etc.)
What specific water purification methods are there?
How do specific water purification methods work?
How safe is my drinking water?
Where does my drinking water comes from?
How will I know if my drinking water remains safe?
What is the Report I received from my Water System?
How will I know if my drinking water is bad?
When should I boil my water?
How can I protect my drinking water supply?
What can I do if I have a problem with my drinking water supply?
Maintenance Exercise
    A water pipe bursts in the middle of the road.
    Who is responsible for the repair and the maintenance?
    Who should be contacted?
    What is their contact information?
    What are the procedures involved?
Bottled water-Project Report
What is bottled water?
What are the different types of bottled water?
Is bottled water regulated differently from tap water?
How long can I store bottled water?
What is the difference between bottled water and tap water?
How much does it cost to make my products?
What is my break-even point?
What are my profit goals?
How will I market my products(s)?
What price range do my competitors charge?
What is the customer demand for my product or service?
How many buyers are there and where do they live?