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Cold Storage, Store, Godown, Warehouse-Project Report
Can cold storage be cosidered as a wharehouse or godown?
There is a difference in the design and functions of cold storage and climate controlled warehousing.
These questions, and many others, are addressed.

Food products that need refrigeration

Poultry and meat.
Fish industry, Seafood.
For Storage of fruits, vegetables & perishables.
    What capacity can be supported?
    Is the project feasible?
    Who will own the facility, and who will operate it?
    Wastage of fruits and vegetables due to improper post-harvest management and lack of cold chain facilities, has been estimated to be to the extent of 25% to 30%.Studies indicate that if such wastage is prevented, it will help farmers in getting better value of their produce and will help consumers in getting horticultural products at lesser ________.

For storage of bulk drugs.
(the list goes on)