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What is collaboration?

Collaboration is the act of joining together to make possible that which cannot be accomplished alone. Whether you are collaborating in the workplace, in school or as part of a creative project, collaboration can both help and hurt a project, depending on how it's done.
How have educational programs been organized?


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Collaboration Cooperation Coordination

Is there a difference between collaboration, cooperation, and coordination?
Yes, there is.

What is the difference between collaboration, cooperation, and coordination?
Collaboration is the act of joining together to make possible that which cannot be accomplished alone.
Cooperation means working in harmony.
Coordination means different people or things working together for a goal or effect to fulfill desired goals.
How should you initiate collaboration?
Forward an e-mail, fax, call, or use postal mail.

Name and contact information:
Asif Qureshi
5042 N Winthrop Ave #237
Chicago, Illinois 60640

What should be included in an individual profile?
Here are further guidelines.
Questions you need to answer:

What is the name and contact information of the individual or individuals who will collaborate from your side?
Do you know that he or she has to reply to every e-mail, call, fax, and postal mail within 24 hours?
What cannot be collaborated?
Harmful activities cannot be collaborated.
Nonessential ingredients of economy cannot be collaborated.

How do you collaborate?

Have a clear goal in mind.

Create a results-driven structure within your team that is appropriate for the goal you want to achieve.

Clarify the purpose.

Give each member of the project a way to define his or her own role on the team.

Establish a communications system.

Establish ways to monitor performance and provide feedback.

Seek consensus.

Involve the right people.

Respect others. Be consistent in your behavior and the way you respond to others.

Be humble and open to others' ideas and suggestions.

Delegate tasks.

Assume good faith.

When you don't agree, do not get violent or angry.

Do you share the same goals?
Do they have the required capabilities and resources?
Do they have credibility in the community?