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Counseling Services
Who seeks counseling?
Civilized individual or individuals seek counseling.
If you have any problems or difficulties, counseling is the option.

What type of counseling does this person need?
An experienced physician can answer this question.

What is Counseling?
The dictionary describes counseling as provision of advice or guidance in decision-making, in particularly in emotionally significant situations.

How is Counseling Helpful?
The counselor works with you to help you identify your strengths, gain insight into your ways of thinking, feeling and behaving and begin a process of change and growth.

Counselling aims to help you deal with and overcome issues that are causing pain or making you feel uncomfortable.

What is professional counseling?
Counseling is a collaborative effort between the counselor and client. Professional counselors help clients identify goals and potential solutions to problems which cause emotional turmoil; seek to improve communication and coping skills; strengthen self-esteem; and promote behavior change and optimal mental health.

How long does counseling take?
Ideally, counseling is terminated when the problem that you pursued counseling for becomes more manageable or is resolved.

Why should counseling be done under the supervision of a competent medical doctor?
Counseling is part of a treatment.
If there is no correct diagnosis, adding this part of the treatment can be harmful.

What will happen if counseling is done without the supervision of a competent medical doctor?
Counseling without supervision of a competent medical doctor can be harmful.
All counseling without supervision of competent medical doctors should be banned.

Here is a case scenario of counseling.

What seems to be the complaint or problem?
I feel stressed.
I feel angry.
I feel restless.

What causes it?
The answer to this question is essential to fix the underlying cause.
Fix the underlying cause.
There are more than 180 life stressors.
All causes of stress do not need medication or hospitalization.
Some of these issues can be fixed via Internet.
Counseling helps in stress-related issues.
Counseling can be done via Internet, telephone, fax, postal mail, or face-to-face sessions.

What do you think causes it?
What do I think causes it?

A medical doctor with a counselor will ask relevant questions and answer this question.

What are your goals or plans?
What are your professional goals?

What questions should a medical doctor be able to answer in the context of recommendations for counseling?
The medical doctor has to answer these questions.

How long should the counseling last?
How many sessions should there be per week and what should be the duration of sessions?
What is the diagnosis?
How did the doctor reach this diagnosis?
What type of counseling does this person need?
What are the different types of counseling?
Academic advising
Activities of everyday living counseling
Adjudication of harms counseling
Anger Management Counseling
Academic advising
Adolescent Counseling
Behavioral Counseling
Brief therapy
Business Counseling
Career counseling
Character counseling
Code of Conduct
College Counseling
Community counseling
Counseling fellowship and scholarship opportunities
Counseling and psychiatry
Counseling for Stress and Anxiety
Couple and Relationship Counseling
Crisis Counseling
Crisis hotline
Disciplinary counseling
Discrimination, Racism counseling
Domestic Violence counseling
E-mail counseling
Ecological counseling
Economy and budget
Emotional therapy
Existential counselling
Exit counseling
Forensic Psychology
Gender Bias
Grief counseling
Grief therapy
Group Counseling
Health Care
Human Growth and Development
Homosexual and lesbian counseling
Hygiene counseling
Intentional enforced harms prevention and healing counseling
Intervention programs designed to prevent harms
Individual Counseling
Justice and Social work
Legal Counseling
Legal and ethical principles involved in the practice of counseling
Lay community counsellor
Life Stressors
Motivational Counseling
Music therapy
Navy Counselor
Nikkah Counseling
Online counseling
Pre-conception counseling
Premarital counseling for the bride and groom
Post-marital counseling
Prison Counseling
Promotions counseling
Performance counseling
Professional growth counseling
Parenting Advice
Relationship Counseling
Rehabilitation counseling
Referral counseling
Reception and integration counseling
Relocate Counseling
School Counseling
Stress Counseling
Self Esteem
Substance abuse, Addiction counseling
Social Skills
Speech Therapy
Telephone counseling
Trauma Counseling
Telephone Manners
Table manners or Dastarkhan manners
Terrorism counseling
Womens issues
Work counseling
Worldwide E-Mail Counseling
    Q: What are the duties and responsibilities of a counselor?
    Before starting counseling, a counselor should be able to answer the following questions.
    Q: Who needs counseling?
    Q: Why does he/she need counseling?
    Q: What should be the end result?
    Q: What kind of counseling will you need?
Counseling Skills
    Q: Why do you need counseling?
    Q: What will the counselor do?
    Take a look at this.
    Q: Who needs counseling?
    What types of counseling are available?

    What kinds of problems are addressed in counseling?

    When to Seek Counseling

    While counseling might be helpful in numerous situations, there are some conditions in which we would strongly encourage you to seek counseling services:

    • You are unhappy on most days or feel a sense of hopelessness
    • You worry excessively or are constantly on edge
    • You are unable to concentrate on your schoolwork or other activities
    • You are unable to sleep at night or constantly feel tired
    • You have experienced a change in your appetite or your weight
    • You have experienced a loss (e.g., a relationship breakup, a parent's death)
    • You have increased your use of alcohol or other drugs (including cigarettes)
    • You feel overwhelmed by what is going on in your life
    • You are having thoughts about hurting yourself or someone else

    What Happens During a Single Session or First-Time Appointment for Short-term Counseling?
    What Happens during Subsequent or Follow-Up Sessions if Participating in Short-Term Counseling at _______

    How to Get the Most Out of Your Counseling Experience

    Define your goals. Think about what you would like to get out of counseling. It might be helpful to write a list of events, relationship issues, or feelings that you think are contributing to your distress. Take time before each session to consider your expectations for that session. Self-exploration and change involve hard work, and sometimes painful feelings are stirred up in the process of healing. Counselors are trained to pay close attention to these issues and will probably encourage you to discuss these feelings openly.

    Be an active participant. This is your counseling experience, so be as active as you can in deciding how to use the time. Be honest with the counselor and give her or him feedback about how you see the sessions progressing.

    Be patient with yourself. Growth takes time, effort, and patience. All of your coping skills, behavior patterns, and self-perceptions have been learned and reinforced over a long period of time, so change can be difficult and slow at times.

    Ask questions. Ask questions about the counseling process, any methods used by the counselor, or about any other services at _______. Your counselor is there to assist you.

    Follow your counselor's recommendations. Take the time between sessions to complete any activities suggested by your counselor. Counseling is intended to improve your life in the "real world," so making efforts to try out and practice new behaviors, approaches, or ways of thinking could be a crucial element to the success of your counseling experience.

    Who can benefit from counseling?

    Just about anyone can benefit. No problem is too big or small. Listed below are just a few examples of some common concerns which bring _________:

    • Symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression
    • College adjustment issues such as homesickness, academic problems, and long-distance relationships
    • Interpersonal difficulties, including ______ conflicts, family problems, romantic relationship concerns, problems with assertiveness, and other issues
    • Bereavement and grief related to the loss of a loved one (such as relationship ______, deaths, parental ________, or other major losses)
    • Questions/confusion about identity, self-image, sexuality, gender, or religious concerns
    • Concerns about body image, food, eating, or weight, as well as treatment for _______ disorders
    • Experience with sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking, abuse, or other trauma
    • Thoughts of suicide, death, or hurting others
    • Behaviors that can be harmful to you, like drug or alcohol abuse or cutting
    How to communicate with my counselor between sessions
    How do I start the counseling process or get more information?
    Counseling Services
    E-Mail Counseling
    Office Appointments
    Online Counseling
    Telephone Counseling
    Video Counseling
Counseling guidelines for counselors
Community counseling centers
Counseling Resources

Career counseling
At what age should career counseling start?
Career counseling usually starts at the age of 14.
Some prefer to start career counseling at the age of 10.

What should be your first professional goal while seeking career counseling?
Teacher, lawyer, engineer, or a physician in your original state.
Take a look at this.
Other options are elaborated.

Here are further guidelines.

What is Career Counseling?
Who needs Career Counseling?
Who is a Career Counselor?

Counseling fellowship and scholarship opportunities
Do not accept fellowship or scholarship opportunities abroad.
You can suffer harms.
Others can suffer harms, particularly girls and women.
Exploitation of women under various pretexts is happening.

Individual, particularly females, can be harmed.
Others can be harmed.

Advertisers can be punished for collaborating with harmful resources.
Closure should be punishment of such harmful advertisers.

Legal counseling
Questions you need to get answered before you seek legal counsel in the state or outside the state.

Does the legal counsel have knowledge of criminal law in the state and outside the state?
If you seek legal counseling, always verify if the legal assistance has state orientation.
State means state of Illinois, New York, California, Yukon in North America.
Always verify if legal assistance has knowledge of criminal law in the state and outside the state.

What questions should you get answered?

Standard operating administrative procedure in the state

In what departments in the state or outside the state are standard operating administrative procedures applicable?
All essential departments in the state.

Is there a difference between standard operating administrative procedures in the state and standard operating procedures for a machine in the state?

What are examples of violations of standard operating administrative procedures in the state?
An individual and his coterie declares he is reaching a location in the state without any essential department in the state requesting him to do so.
This is a violation of standard operating administrative procedures in the state.

What have various investigations revealed?
Investigation revealed this individual was placed fraudulently by individuals from Boeing and Airbus aircraft manufacturers and other harmful individuals.

Any such activities must be cancelled.
There are many more such examples.

Code of criminal procedure in the state

What should you know about code of criminal procedure in the state and outside the state?
Take a look at examples.
These examples will make you understand.
Code of criminal procedure is applicable to these crimes.

This is in addition to election frauds.
1. Helicopter deal scam.
2. 2G spectrum scam.
3. Coal allocation scam.
4. Women exploitation scams.
5. Noncompliance with public service.
6. Financial fraud.
7. Other crimes unfolding.

These harms and crimes need punishments.

Do these harms and crimes need any right to information application and fee?

What are the scenarios where right to choose isn't applicable?
Do you have the right to choose to apply a wrong concept of law to specific claims?

Do you have the right to choose to harm others?

Do you have the right to choose to violate rights of others?

Code of civil procedure in the state

What should you know about code of civil procedure in the state and outside the state?

Right to Information Act (RTI) in the state

What should you know about Right to Information Act (RTI) in the state and outside the state?

World uniform state law commission

What should you know about the world uniform state law commission?

What is the difference between standard operating procedure in the state, code of criminal procedure in the state, and Right to Information Act (RTI) in the state?

Here are further guidelines.

Economy and budget
Economy and budget