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Doctor Consultation
Patient Profile
Individualized consultation nonemergency patient
Comprehensive patient assessment
How is a comprehensive patient assessment done?

Take a look at this.
Questions you need to answer.
How should you answer these questions?
Answer to the best of your ability and knowledge.

What should you write if a question is not applicable to you?
This is not applicable to me at this point.
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Question 1

What is your Email address?
Question 2

What is the name of the individual who needs doctor consultation?
Question 3

What is the date of birth of the individual who needs doctor consultation?
Question 4


What is your mailing address?
Question 5

What was your mailing address from birth until now?
Question 6

Where is the patient now?
Question 7

Where do you live now?
How long have you lived at this address?
Question 8

How long do you plan to live at this address?
Question 9

What is your contact information including current mailing address, telephone, e-mail, and any other details, and person to contact in case of emergency?
Question 10

What is the gender of the patient?
What best describes the patient?:
Question 11

In general, how is your physical and mental health?
Question 12

What is your telephone number?
Question 13

Have you been in the hospital in the last month?
Question 14

Do you have health problems that you need help with right away?
Question 15

Do you have any appointments scheduled with doctors or other specialists?
Question 16

Screening for survival needs

Do you have enough of these resources from the state?
Health care
Consumer goods

Do you need any of these resources to be enhanced?
Question 17

What are the issues?
Question 18

Do you need extra help to access services, such as a wheelchair ramp, a computer screen reader or large print materials?
Question 19

What is the number on your medical card?
A medical card number is usually a nine digit number.
Question 20

What state or entity has issued this medical card?

Question 21

What is troubling you?
Question 22

How old is the patient?
Question 23

What languages can you understand?
Question 24

What are the sources of medical history?
Question 25

Where are you located now?
Question 26

Is your complete medical history ready?
Do you have a physician referral?
Don't know
Question 27

Who is writing answers to these questions?
The patient.
Someone else on behalf of patient.

If someone else is answering these questions on behalf of the patient, how are you related to the patient?
Case manager
Primary care physician
If other, specify.
Question 28

Have you gone through the Internet human healthcare guidelines?
Take a look at this http://www.qureshiuniversity.com/internethealthcareservices.html, public health guidelines, http://www.qureshiuniversity.com/publichealthworld.html patient education guidelines http://www.qureshiuniversity.com/patienteducation.html at mentioned resource?
Question 29

Do you think your issue or issues have not been answered at this resource and need individualized doctor consultation?
Question 30

What type of doctor consultation is required?
Ambulatory human health care
Adolescent girls’ consultation
Community health center evaluation
Critical care consultation (anesthesiology)
Coroner investigations
Cardiology consultation
Dermatology consultation
Disability consultation
Dental consultation
Emergency medicine consultation
Endocrinology consultation
Forensic medicine consultation
Gastroenterology consultation
Geriatrics consultation
Hematology consultation
Internet healthcare consultation
Medical negligence consultation
Nephrology consultation
Neurology consultation
Oncology consultation
Ophthalmology consultation
Orthopedics consultation
Otorhinolaryngology consultation
Obstetrics & Gynecology consultation
Primary care physician consultation
Pediatrics consultation
Psychiatry consultation
Pulmonary medicine consultation
Physical medicine & Rehabilitation consultation
Public health guidelines
Radiology & nuclear medicine consultation
Surgical consultation
Women's health consultation
Question 31

Impairment Rating and Disability Determination
Health status

How would you describe your health status relevant to your age?
100% mentally fit.
100% physically fit.
Question 32

Do you have any problems with activities mentioned below relevant to your age?

Caring for oneself (eating, dressing, toileting, etc.)
Performing manual tasks
Getting started after sleep
I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions.

These are basic questions.
There are many more.

Once the above listed relevant questions about comprehensive patient assessment are answered and received, you will get another questions list relevant to age, gender, location, problems, or issues, if any.

This will be followed by specific recommendations.
What are the types of doctor consultation?
  1. Ambulatory human health care

  2. Adolescent girls consultation

  3. Community health center

  4. Critical care consultation (Anesthesiology)

  5. Coroner investigations

  6. Cardiology consultation

  7. Dermatology consultation

  8. Disability consultation

  9. Dental consultation

  10. Emergency medicine consultation

  11. Endocrinology consultation

  12. Forensic medicine consultation

  13. Gastroenterology consultation

  14. Geriatrics consultation

  15. Hematology consultation

  16. Internet healthcare consultation

  17. Medical negligence consultation

  18. Nephrology consultation

  19. Neurology consultation

  20. Oncology consultation

  21. Ophthalmology consultation

  22. Orthopedics consultation

  23. Otorhinolaryngology consultation

  24. Obstetrics & Gynecology consultation

  25. Primary care physician consultation

  26. Pediatrics consultation

  27. Psychiatry consultation

  28. Pulmonary medicine consultation

  29. Physical medicine & Rehabilitation consultation

  30. Public health guidelines

  31. Radiology & Nuclear Medicine consultation

  32. Surgical consultation

  33. Women's health consultation
Who will answer your questions and concerns?
Doctor Asif Qureshi.

How does this doctor consultation work?
If you have any questions or concerns, forward them to Doctor Asif Qureshi.
You will get answers to your questions and concerns within 24 hours.
If workload is increased, answers may be delayed.
You will be updated ahead of time of increase in work load.
What are examples of various human health care settings?
Ambulatory human health care
Community health center
Critical care
Coroner investigations
Emergency room health care
Emergency call center
Education of new medical students
Education of existing medical doctors
Functional Capacity Evaluation & Disability
Hospital ward
Home health care
Internet human health care services
Labor, delivery, and recovery rooms
Medicolegal cases
Medical Emergency
On-the-spot diagnosis and treatment
Operating rooms
Public health
Patient education
Rehabilitation Services
State health care administrative issues
Space Medicine
Here are further guidelines.
What best describes the patient?
Adolescent girl
Adolescent boy
What do you have to do before a patient or individual from the public seeks individualized doctor consultation?

Has this issue been explained at the public health level?
Take a look at this.

Has this issue been explained in patient education?
Take a look at this.

If yes, you need to go through these facts.

If no, you need to seek individualized doctor consultation.

A doctor should first try to resolve health issues at the public health level or patient education.

If the public health level or patient education does not resolve your issues, individualized doctor consultation is required.

What should you expect from a doctor during individualized consultation?
1. Obtaining a complete medical history.
2. Verifying the obtained complete medical history.
3. Reviewing patient records.
4. Performing physical examinations.
5. Medical test recommendations.
6. Monitoring in various settings.
7. Treatment/recommendations.
What are the various methods of completing a medical history?
You need to complete the options listed.
You need to answer relevant questions.
Depending on the situation, more questions can be asked.

How healthy are you?
How can various emergencies be prevented in the state and outside the state?
Enhance various essential departments in the state.
Take all nonemergency complaints and issues seriously.
Resolve nonemergency complaints and issues immediately before they become an emergency.
If you ignore nonemergency complaints and issues, this can become an emergency.
This is relevant to comprehensive patient assessment.
A doctor should know all of these types of consultations.
A doctor cannot declare that he/she is able to diagnose and treat only psychiatric medical conditions.

Last Updated: March 24, 2014