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Professional Training Programs
Applicant information

How have these questions been organized?
Questions relevant to your individual profile.
Questions relevant to the profession you plan to pursue.
Once you answer questions relevant to your individual profile, then you will get questions relevant to the profession you plan to pursue.
Are you interested in any one of these courses: Certificate Course, Refresher Course, Undergraduate, Postgraduate, M. Phil, Master's Degree or a Ph.D. program?
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English Language Courses
Engineering College
Law College
Medical College
Police Training College
Defence College
Teacher Training College
College of Nursing
College of Pharmacy
College of Computer Science and Information Technology
College of Agriculture
Master of Business Administration
Master of Library and Information Science degree
College of Administrative Sciences
Masters Degree in Urban and Regional Planning
PhD in Counseling
PhD in English Language Learning
PhD in Criminal Justice
Veterinary College
Vocational Training College
Listed in alphabetical order
What are your duties and responsibilities if you are associated with this college?

You need to maintain a profile of the students.
You need to keep watch on the students.
You need to maintain progress of the students.

Does the student fully understand the topic?
Is the student able to answer questions during discussions?
Is the student completing his or her homework?
Is the student able to submit timely answers to questions?
What should go in a monthly progress report?
Character, behavior, hygiene, competence.
Doctor Consultation
Legal case evaluation.
Qureshi Medical College International
Political Science
Patient Profile
Psychiatric Consultations
Teacher Education
Law College
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