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What are the types of inspections in the state?
Aircraft inspection.
Building or house inspection (repairs issues)
Construction inspection
Food safety inspection service (dairy, meat, and egg products)
Housekeeping inspection
Intensive care unit inspection
Machinery inspection
Materials inspection
Road vehicles Inspection (annual inspection/safety, emissions)
Railroad inspection
Ships inspection
Software inspection
Weapons of mass destruction
What questions should be answered in the annual inspections in the state?

Who should do annual inspections in the state?
Representative from state food and supplies.
Representative from state department of health.
Representative from state department of human services.
Representative from state agriculture and food sciences.

State agriculture and food sciences digitization.

Forests are part of agriculture and food science department in the state.

What resources are required for electronic records system in the state and in any other state?
Web server.
Global Positioning system (GPS)
Management information system (MIS)
Geographic information system (GIS)
Domain control system.
Use of computers, telephones, and Internet facilities.

What will be the advantage of this system in the state and in any other state?
Better state agriculture and food science management.
Prevent pilferage of agriculture and food science products in the state.
Assess the growing crops.
Post-harvest management.
Medicinal plants in the compartments.
Prevent forest fires.
Enhance state planning and development.
Human resource development.
Encroachment prevention.
Prevention of timber smuggling.
Advantages to other departments.

Inspection program from the state department of human services.

What facilities should state department of human services workers inspect in the state?
1. Agriculture and food sciences products and services warehouses and other facilities in the state.
2. All warehouses in the state that store products and services for human needs in the state.

Make people aware of the essential commodities act, essential services maintenance act, and fair housing act.
There should not be any harassment or prejudice during any inspection.
All questions must be answered.
Human rights cannot be violated in any agreement.
No question can remain unanswered.
You cannot embezzle any property.
You cannot sell or purchase any property and make a fraudulent agreement or agreements out of this. You must at least know state planning and development.
If relevant questions are not answered and objections are not taken into consideration, this is considered an agreement or agreements under duress.
Agreements under duress are invalid.
The state department of housing and development has to be involved.