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When is a lecture required?

If you face any difficulty or problem, a lecture may not be available. Before arranging a lecture, you need to answer the following:
What didn't you understand?
What kind of difficulty did you face?
Where did you face this difficulty?
Problems need to be solved on a case by case basis.

What questions do you need answered prior to the lecture?
How long will it last?

The answer to this question depends on your motivation, past experience, circumstances, education, and other factors.
Once you complete online assignments, you will need to submit a report.

What is the topic?
What is the venue?
What is the seating arrangement?

How do you start a lecture?
For example: I am Asif Qureshi.
Why are we here today?
We are here today because you had difficulty in online courses.
We are here today for a lecture on
that is required as part of your professional training.
How long will it last?
What is the topic?
What questions will be addressed during the lecture?
How do you continue a lecture?
How do you close a lecture?
For example:
Do you have any questions related to this subject and topic?
Please put them in writing.