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List of software categories
Application software
System software
Computer programming tools

Application software

Astrology software
Business software
Software for children
Communication software
Computer-aided manufacturing software
Data management software
Desktop publishing software
Desktop widgets
Editing software
Educational software
Entertainment software
Free application software
Genealogy software
Graphics software
Knowledge representation software
Language software
Legal software
Library and information science software
Multimedia software
Music software
Personal information managers
Computer programming tools
Religious software
Science software
Simulation software
Spreadsheet software
Stagecraft software
Application software suites
Transport software
Digital typography
Video games
Video software
Word processors

System software

Free system software
Access control software
Application launchers
Personal computer automation software
Boot loaders
Clipboard (computing)
Compatibility layers
Computer printing
Computer security software
Data compression software
Device drivers
File managers
Graphical user interfaces
Identity management systems
Installation software
Internet Protocol based network software
Job scheduling
Keyboard layout software
Keyboard-sharing software
Computer libraries
Operating systems
Revision control systems
Screenshot software
Search engine software
Servers (computing)
Spam filtering
Storage software
System administration
Terminal multiplexers
Transaction processing
Utility software
Virtualization software
Windowing systems

Computer programming tools

Mac OS X programming tools
Bug and issue tracking software
Build automation
Code navigation tools
Code search engines
Computer-aided software engineering tools
Data modeling tools
Desktop database application development tools
Discontinued development tools
Documentation generators
Text editors
EXE packers
Formal methods tools
Free computer programming tools
Integrated development environments
Java development tools
JavaScript programming tools
Software-localization tools
Microsoft development tools
Mobile software programming tools
Programming language implementation
Revision control systems
Software testing tools
Static program analysis tools
UML tools
Unix programming tools
User interface builders
Web development software
Computer programming tool stubs

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