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MD Program Admissions
What is the curriculum?
What should be inspected or looked into in any medical college?
How should you educate medical doctors?
Health Insurance
What skills and knowledge are essential for a medical doctor (MD)?

1. You should be able to reach to correct diagnosis of a human being.
2. You should be able to recommend correct treatment of a human being.
3. You should be able to elaborate a medical condition in at least 40 questions and answers.
4. You should have good English language skills and knowledge. 5. You should have good character and good behavior.
6. You should have good social skills.
7. You need to have insight of state economy, state budget, and rights.
8. You should have computer and Internet skills and knowledge.
9. You should maintain your own computer and Internet accessories.
10. You need to update your skills and knowledge every day throughout your life.
11. You need to identify relevant resources that have answers to relevant questions.
12. You need to associate with competent medical doctors who can answer relevant questions.
13. You need to do research and present it in question-and-answer format in the English language.
14. You need to learn proper history taking and evaluation of humans to arrive at correct diagnosis and treatment.
15. You should be able to answer relevant questions.
16. If you desire to advance in a specific medical discipline beyond a medical doctor (MD), you should have extra skills and knowledge compared to others.
17. You cannot advance to MCh, DM, or other similar titles without having the essential skills and knowledge of a medical doctor (MD).
18. An MD is awarded upon completion of five to seven years continuous study.
If you learn intelligently and use proper techniques of learning, you can complete it quicker.
19. A medical doctor is expected to diagnose and treat all medical emergencies, all medical disabilities and all non-emergency and non-disability medical conditions.