What Are Some of the Challenges to Conducting Meetings?

The following list offers some points on meeting logistics. If you take care of these things before the meeting, it is more likely to run smoothly. If not, you could run into all sorts of problems. Just imagine showing up at a meeting location to find that a room is already occupied, or, even worse, showing up at the meeting place but finding no participants there because you told everyone the wrong time.

Make sure the meeting space is a comfortable area, where everyone will be able to see and hear the others in the group. The room should be neither too hot nor too cold and should provide proper lighting.

Make sure the meeting space has been reserved for the time and date agreed upon.

Remind participants of the meeting time, date, and place with a phone call, an e-mail, or a broadcast over the school's public address system. A postcard reminder can be a helpful reminder for groups that meet only a few times a year. Also, sending out an agenda in advance helps participants think through the issues before they come to the meeting, ensuring that the meeting can move ahead smoothly.

Check at least a week in advance with anyone who is expected to present a report to the group. Make sure that everyone involved is clear on the subject of the report and confirm that there will be a sufficient number of any handouts.

Examine logistical needs. Do you need a TV, VCR, overhead projector, or flipcharts? Will you serve refreshments? Will you need additional chairs or a coatrack?