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Military Science
Military officers training in the state and outside the state.

How should various military officers be trained in the state and outside the state?
State criminal law should be taught first.
1.Criminal law (state law)
2.Civil law.
3.International law.
4.Administrative law in the state.
5.State constitution or world constitution.
6.Military equipment orientation and training has to be taught at the end.

What is military?
Air Force
Armed Forces

Air Force
Special Purpose

Aircraft (Military)
What are the various types of aircraft?
Airplane heavy (passenger cargo)
Airplane medium (passenger cargo)
Airplane light (passenger cargo)
Airplane heavy with defense systems (passenger cargo) Air Force One/C-130 Hercules
Airplane medium with defense systems (passenger cargo)
Attack aircraft (attack ground targets) (only for combat)
Amphibious aircraft (only for combat)
Aerial Refueling Tanker Aircraft
Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW)
Bomber Aircraft (only for combat)
    Medium Bombers
    Heavy Bombers
    Torpedo Bombers
    Dive Bombers
Electric aircraft
Electronic warfare aircraft
Fighter aircraft (air-to-air combat) (only for combat)
Flying Boat Aircraft
Helicopters (ALL)
Helicopter for transportation of people and cargo
Helicopter for construction (skycrane lifting)
Helicopter for dropping water on fire or water supply
Helicopter for combat/Attack Helicopters (missiles, guns, bombs)
Helicopter for search and rescue
Helicopter for medical transport (air ambulance)
Helicopter for reconaissance
Helicopter for aerial observation
Interceptor aircraft
Multi-Role Aircraft
Navy Carrier Aircraft
Night Fighters/all-weather fighter
Reconnaissance / Scout
R/C (remote controlled) aircraft
Seaplane/Floatplane Aircraft (only for combat)
Search & Rescue (SAR)
Special Purpose Aircraft
Trainer Aircraft
Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)
Unmanned Combat Air Vehicles (UCAVs)

Fighter Aircraft
What are the best 10 fighter jet aircraft in 2014?
F-22 Raptor (Ranked Number 1)
F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (Ranked/almost Number 1)
Sukhoi Su-35 (Ranked Number 2)
Rafale/Dassault (Ranked Number 3)
Typhoon (Ranked Number 4)
F18 Super Hornet (Ranked 5)
Gripen or SAAB 30 (Ranked Number 6)
Sukhoi Su-30 (Ranked Number 7)
F15 Eagle (Ranked Number 8)
Sukhoi Su-33 (Ranked Number 9)
F 16 Fighter Falcon (Ranked Number 10)
SU-30 MKI: Super Sukhoi
JAS 39 Gripen NG
Mirage 2000
Here are further guidelines.
Here are further guidelines.

Here are further guidelines.

Regarding Air Force Bases
Would you like your air force base to be listed?
What is the name, state (for example, California or similar state), and mailing address of your air force base?
What types of aircrafts are at this air force base?
What type of aircraft will I be linked to?
What is the staff profile of this air force base?
What is a normal day like at this air force base?
Are there resident service case managers at this location?
Who will be my resident services case manager or managers?

Bomber Aircraft
Bomber Aircraft

Special Purpose Aircraft
Special Purpose Aircraft

Transport Aircraft
Transport Aircraft

Trainer Aircraft
Trainer Aircraft

Military airbase
Military Airdrop Operations
    What should you know about military airdrop operations?
    Here are further guidelines.
Military communications
    Is there a central e-mail directory for Navy people? Does the Navy issue e-mail accounts to _______?
    Can I send e-mail to a ________ aboard ship?
    Are there other means by which I may communicate with a ________?
    Military Affiliate Radio System (MARS).
Aviation World
Aerobatic flight demonstration team
North America Air Show Calendar 2014
Rest of the World Air Show Calendar 2014
Defense Meteorological Satellite Program
Defense Satellite Communications System
Defense Support Program Satellites
Delta II Launch Vehicle
Global Positioning System
Ground-Based Electro-Optical Deep Space Surveillance
Milstar Satellite Communications System
Unmanned Aircraft System
Chemical devices
Air marshal
Aeronautics and Space Air Force Bases and Stations
    Why do air force bases get closed?
    Due to criminal activities.
    These lessons are for other air force bases.
    Your air force bases will get closed in case of criminal activities.
    Here are further guidelines.

Admiralty and Maritime Law
Admiral of the Navy
Chief of Naval Operations
Fleet Admiral
Joint Chiefs of Staff
Naval Reactors Engineer
Six-star admiral
Submarine Officer (Nuclear Submarines)
Surface Warfare Officer (Nuclear Aircraft Carriers)
Ideally, military officers, army officers, and police officers should have education at law college.
It is the duty of engineers to manufacture military equipment and police equipment.

Military, army, and police equipment is manufactured by mechanical engineers and aerospace engineers.
Director of the state department of defense.
    What questions should the director of the state department of defense be able to answer?
    Here are further guidelines.
Vessel Finder - Worldwide Vessel Tracking
Military Competency—Airplane
Military Competency—Helicopter
Missile Technology
State Disaster Management committee

    Every state has a disaster management committee. Who is the nominee from the state military?

    This should be displayed publicly.

    Here are further guidelines.
Q. Can the army oppress any genuine peaceful protests while rights have been violated?
A. No, it cannot. It must guide people to protest properly.

Q. Where should the army ideally be located?
A. Four corners of the state.

Q. Should army/military forward profile of all workers for annual state budget?
A. Yes, it should.

Q. Does sending money to the army from outside the state help the economy or serve it products and services?
A. No, it does not. It consumes products and service from within the state.

Q. How many military workers are there and what is their profile in the state?
A. This must be available.

State adjutant general
The chief of the army staff.
GoC-in-C, Northern Command
Corps Commander, 15 Corps
The Chief of the Air Staff
The Navy Chief
The Navy Vice Chief
How many are ready for airdrop operations from the state and other states?
Q: What are the prerequisites of military, administrative, professional, or police service?
A: You should know about good character, good behavior, rights, economy, budget, and advanced technologies.
Can you give brief introduction about yourself?
Where and when were you born?
What is your real, birth name?
How can one verify this information?
Where did you go to high school?
Where did you go to college?

What is good human character?
What is good human behavior?
What language do you speak?
Do you understand english language?

Army, Navy, Airforce.

What can it do?
What can't it do?
It can't reinforce crimes.
How do you differentiate between the army and criminals?
How do you differentiate between the navy and pirates?
In no situation or circumstance can Army, Navy, Air Force, police, or civil administration get involved in any criminal offenses.

Their duty is clearly demarcated with good character, good behavior, rights and competence.

Do you have a good charactered, well behaved competent administration or governing council?

How should people from overseas or abroad manage issues?

A person and his associates were projected as genuine representatives and genuine administrators.

It was proved they were mostly bad charactered, badly behaved incompetent people.
They were involved in various criminal offenses.
They were unfairly, fraudulently placed by a bad charactered, badly behaved incompetent monopoly.

How should you manage this in a fair, civilized, professional, competent manner?

Have you verified you were not dealing with bad charactered, badly behaved incompetent people from abroad, projected as genuine administrators who are involved in various criminal offenses?

Whom did you contact abroad?
Are they good charactered, well behaved, and competent?
What are your duties and responsibilities to ensure placement of a good charactered, well behaved, competent administration?

How should a travel document be issued?
If it does not harm anyone and there is no malicious intent or conspiracy, an identity card or a state identity card is enough. You should take extraordinary care while handling issues related to women or transfer of women to be sure that women are not exploited.

Armed Forces
Armed Forces
Battle tanks
Small arms
    In international arms control, small arms include revolvers and self-loading pistols, rifles and carbines, assault rifles, submachine guns and light machine guns. Together with light weapons (heavy machine guns; hand-held grenade launchers; portable anti-aircraft and anti-tank guns; recoilless rifles; portable launchers of anti-aircraft and anti-tank missile systems; and mortars of calibres of less than 100 mm), they comprise the Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW) protocol.
Mortar (weapon)

Battle tanks
Al-Khalid/MBT 2000 2001
AMX Leclerc 1993
Arjun MBT 2004
C1 Ariete 1995
EE-T1 Osório 1985
FV4030/4 Challenger 1983
FV4034 Challenger 2 1998
K1 88-Tank 1987
M1 Abrams 1980
M-84 1984
Merkava Mark II/III1989
Merkava Mark IV 2004
PT-91 Twardy 1995
T-80 1976
T-84 1999
T-90 1996
Type 90 Kyu-maru 1990
Type 96G/A
Type 98/99 2001
VT-1A 2008
Zulfiqar 1993

M1 Abrams

1. Periscope
2. Gun mantlet
3. Coaxial gun
4. Bore evacuator
5. Main gun
6. Driver's optics
7. Driver's hatch
8. Glacis plate
9. Continuous track
10. Machine gun ammunition
11. Commander's machine gun
12. Hatch or cupola
13. Gun turret
14. Turret ring
15. Hull
16. Engine air intake
17. Engine compartment
18. Side skirt (only the front skirts are armored on the Abrams.)
19. Drive sprocket
20. Link
21. Road wheel

There are three basic kinds of firearm - handgun, rifle and shotgun - and they all have some common parts.

What is a firearm?
How do you classify firearms?
What are various types of firearms?
What type of rifle should be manufactured?
How is an AK47 rifle manufactured?
What should you know about firearms or weapons?
How are firearms or weapons classified?
What is the firearms act?
What are ingredients of gunpowder?

Every state has an armory.
Every state has locations for armories.
What are the locations of armories in the state?

What skills and knowledge should you have to manufacture firearms or weapons?
What types of firearms or weapons are required in the state?
How many firearms or weapons are in the state?
How many more firearms or weapons are required in the state?
How did the state calculate the requirement for these firearms or weapons?
How many chemical and mechanical engineers are in the state who can manufacture the required firearms?
How many chemical and mechanical engineers are required in the state to manufacture the required firearms?
What materials are required in the state to manufacture firearms?
How much space is required to manufacture firearms in the state?
How do you manufacture tear gas shells?
How do you manufacture rocket weapons?
Caliber and Ammunition - Hand Guns and Rifles
Brass Cases are the most popular type of casings available today due to its ability to be reloaded and the accuracy that can be attained by using Brass to make the case.
The 7.62×39mm round is a rifle cartridge
Cartridge dimensions
Shotgun Gauge and Ammunition
Potassium Nitrate
Smokeless powder
Lists of firearms by actions

* List of blow forward firearms
* List of delayed blowback firearms
# List of firearms by type

* List of pistols
* List of multiple barrel firearms
* List of submachine guns
* List of assault rifles
* List of battle rifles
* List of carbines
* List of flamethrowers
* List of sniper rifles
* List of shotguns
* List of machine guns
List of firearm cartridges
* List of handgun cartridges
* List of rifle cartridges
Battle Tanks
How Grenades Work
How Landmines Work
How Rocket Propelled Grenades Work
How C-4 Works
How Dynamite Works
How Nuclear Bombs Work
How Bunker Buster Bombs Work
How Smart Bombs Work
How Dirty Bombs Work
How MOAB Works
How E-Bombs Work
How Cruise Missiles Work
Armored Cars
Trucks-Military Series
Here are further guidelines.
Questions to Ask a Recruiter

Service in the Military can be a great opportunity, as long as it fits into a young adult's educational and personal development goals. Meeting with a recruiter can help clarify these goals and determine whether Service is the right choice. Parents and children should discuss such goals with each other before they meet with a recruiter. That way everyone is on the same page. Also, developing specific questions prior to the meeting is an excellent and recommended way to prepare. Here are some to get you started.

General Questions

What work is available?
How is performance measured?
In case work is available, please specify.
What is expected of you?
How is your service branch different from the others?
What is a good character?

What is the recruiting process like from beginning to end?
Why should I join the (Service)?
Do you have any special incentives to join?
What's the Delayed Enlistment Program?

Basic Training

What really goes on in Basic Training?
What's the balance of classroom and physical training?
What kind of condition do you have to be in at the start?
What are the physical standards candidates have to meet?
What are training and drill instructors like today?
What percent of people who start Basic Training complete it?
Can two friends go through Basic Training at the same time?
Do women receive "military haircuts" too?

The First Term

How long does the first term last? Do you have programs of different lengths?
Can an entrant choose the military job he or she wants?
How is the job assignment made?
Can you describe a couple of jobs?
Can a trainee choose to serve overseas?
How much does a new recruit get paid and what are the benefits?
How often are servicemembers promoted?


What kind of training comes after Basic Training?
How good are your military job-training colleges?
What are all the ways a servicemember can earn college credits during enlistment?
What are your tuition support programs? How does an entrant qualify for them?
Who may utilize these courses?
Navy, Coast Guard, the armed forces, and the Air Force, Courts, Judges, Case managers, Community Counseling Centers, Colleges, Universities, Police, Prisons.
    What is a weapon?
    How has weapon development evolved?
    What are the types of weapons?
    How are weapons classified?
    What are the most common materials required for weapons?
    What should you know about weapons legislation?

    Here are further guidelines.
Asif Qureshi
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Chicago, Illinois 60640

July 20, 2012

Resident Services
5042 N Winthrop Ave
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Sheila Rivers:

We filed forms on July 13, 2012. Who endorses these forms from the state of Illinois?

How competent is he or she?

His or her competence should be verified with answers to relevant questions.

What is military?
Air Force
Armed Forces

Director of the state department of defense.

What questions should the director of the state department of defense be able to answer?
Here are further guidelines.
Do not write like veterans or veterinarians.

Write state department of defense.
State military.
World military.

A ship in the sea has to follow the law of the sea or admiralty, and maritime law.
World military is implicated.

What is good human behavior in a vehicle?
This is applicable to a ship in the sea as well. This is applicable to aircraft on ground or in air as well.

When an aircraft enters or touches the ground in a state, it has to follow state laws.

All criminal offenses in forensic medicine are subject to state laws.

What did you understand after reading these facts?
How soon should I expect a response from you?

Surface to air missile
Ground launched AMRAAM
MIM-104 Patriot