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Public Health
On-the-spot emergency medical diagnosis and treatment
What problems, complaints, incidents, and issues need on-the-spot diagnosis and treatment?
Unconsciousness at a public location.
Sudden unconsciousness at home.
Survival Needs
What is on-the-spot diagnosis and treatment?

This example will make you understand.
On November 30, 2012, Aswell Salmon, 46 years old, was shot at 9:27 p.m. near the 5000 block of North Winthrop Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.
He died more than 30 minutes later.
This needed on-the-spot diagnosis and treatment within five minutes of the incident.
Transfer to a hospital was required after on-the-spot diagnosis and treatment.

Was this death preventable?

What is the cause of death in this scenario?
Criminal conspiracy.
Criminal Violence.
Delayed Diagnosis.
Wrong Diagnosis.
Wrong Treatment.
Trauma due to shooting.
Gunshot wounds at three sites of the body (leg, buttocks, and chest).
Witnesses report that patient was alive 30 minutes after the shooting.

What is the original spot of the medical emergency?

The location where the incident occurs is the original spot of the medical emergency. Certain problems, complaints, incidents, and issues need on-the-spot diagnosis and treatment.

All medical emergencies on the spot, including trauma, must be attended by a medical doctor.

Experience has shown that police and military officers are the first to get updates about trauma, and then health care professionals, including medical doctors, are updated.

Because police or military officers are the first to be updated about trauma, if they have medical doctorsí skills and knowledge of on-the-spot diagnosis and treatment, this is going to prevent various premature or unexpected deaths.

Recovery from a medical condition
What is recovery from a medical condition?

The process of returning to normal activity after an illness or injury.

What can be the location of recovery from a medical condition?

ER, ICU, ward, rehabilitation facility, or at home, depending on the severity of the medical condition.

When can a patient recover from medical condition at home?

If consciousness, pulse, blood pressure, temperature, respiratory rate, behavior, and mobility relevant to age are normal without any acute external or internal injury, and proper survival and civilized conditions exist at home, the patient can recover from the medical condition at home.

Internet health care/home/home office or OPD

How many medical conditions can get health care via Internet health care/home/home office or OPD?

More than 6,000 medical conditions.

Here are further guidelines.