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Personal letters are written to friends, family members and relatives. They have various formats and use casual style of language. They do not follow any specific guidelines and are subjective in nature. These letters are written to give best wishes, inquire about someone, to inform about an incident etc.

Take a look at the following points on how to write a letter:
* You need to follow conventions while writing a letter. The senders address, receivers address, date and subject and reference in some cases have to be mentioned clearly at the beginning of the letter.

* You have to begin the letter with a proper greeting. Depending on the relationship that you share with the recipient, you have to address him or her. You begin with "Dear" followed by the name of the person. In case you do not know the gender of the person addressing to in formal letters then you can mention "Dear Sir/Madam"
* The body of the letter should begin with the main message that has to be conveyed in the letter. The reader has to clearly understand what the letter is about through the first line.

* You can make paragraphs in the letter depending on the content of the letter. You can highlight the main points with the help of bullets and numbers. The business letters are written in formal language and have a specific format. Personal letters do not follow any particular format and use casual language.

* In the final paragraph, you need to ask a person to act after reading the letter. You may ask him to call you back, email you or reply the letter. The ending depends on the type of letter written and the requirements of the situation.

* The letter always should have a complimentary close. The closing depends on the whether the letter is formal or informal. The most typical business letters have "Yours sincerely" and "Yours truly" in the end. The ending in personal differs and is subjective.