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Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Patient Consultation
    Questions you need to answer.
Physical Exercise
    What are the types of physical exercises?
List of weight training exercises
Physical Medicine Doctors

Q) What is physical medicine and rehabilitation?
Q) Is physical medicine & rehabilitation allopathic medicine or homeopathic medicine?
Q) What is the difference between allopathic medicine and homeopathic medicine?
Q) What subjects do they study?
Q) What questions do they address?
Q) What problems do they solve?
Q) What cases do they diagnose?
Q) What cases do they manage?
Q) What international standards, recent advances, preventive and curative concepts of medicine do they follow?
Q) Is cardiology allopathic medicine or homeopathic medicine?
Q) Is internal medicine allopathic medicine or homeopathic medicine?
Q) Is gastroenterology allopathic medicine or homeopathic medicine?
Q) Is emergency medicine allopathic medicine or homeopathic medicine?
Q) What is a rehabilitation physician?
Q) How do rehabilitation physicians diagnose?
Q) What is the rehabilitation physician�s role in treatment?
Q) What is the scope of the rehabilitation physician�s practice?
Q) What kind of training do rehabilitation physicians have?
    Cardiac Rehabilitation
      Who may benefit from cardiac rehabilitation?
      What are the components of a comprehensive program?
    Pulmonary Rehabilitation
    Cancer Rehabilitation
    Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation
    Neurological Rehabilitation
    Nephrology Rehabilitation
    Ophthalmology Rehabilitation
    Gastroenterology Rehabilitation
    Urology Rehabilitation
    Gynecology Rehabilitation
    Orthopaedic Rehabilitation
Q) How did the specialty develop?
Q) Where do rehabilitation physicians practice?
Q) How can I locate a rehabilitation physician?
Q) What is Physical Therapy?
Q) What is rehabilitation?
Q) Who may need rehabilitation?
Q) Why is rehabilitation important?
Q) Who directs or coordinates rehabilitation?
Q) Is rehabilitation merely exercises?
Q) How does the rehabilitation process work?

    Q) What constitutes a disability?
    Q) What does substantially limiting mean?
    Q) What is a major life activity?
List of human anatomical features
List of muscles of the human body
List of bones of the human skeleton
Lymphatic circulation
Weight Training Exercises
    What are weight training exercises?
    What recommendations should you expect?

    Recommendations may include, but are not limited to, details displayed at this location http://www.qureshiuniversity.org/physicalmedicinerecommendations.html

    What is a detailed prescription?

    A detailed prescription is the documentation that is provided by your physician to support the need of the product/service provided. These documents must include the name of the patient, Date of Birth (DOB), a description of the item/service that is to be provided, length of need (if applicable), physicians signature and date.