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Primary Health Care
What is primary health care?

A health care resource advertises capabilities of screening hypertension and diabetes. That is not primary health care. That is quackery.

Such activities are planned on April 20, 2012, at Near North Center, Chicago, Illinois.
Heartland Alliance Chicago, Illinois, also is involved in similar quackery.

Asian Human Services has declared an annual health fair on April 25, 2012, in Chicago, Illinois, to screen specific medical conditions.

Can so many residents be screened for so many medical conditions in one day by a few medical doctors?
No, they cannot.

How many residents should be assigned to a medical doctor for primary health care?
One handred patients per medical doctor.

What should a health care resource be able to provide in primary health care?

Annual health care assessment with screening of all medical conditions.
Answer all relevant questions via e-mail, fax, postal mail, and face-to- face.
Advise follow-up as per requirement.
Advice counseling under the supervision of a medical doctor.

Vision, hearing impairment, disability screening, blood cholesterol, blood glucose, blood pressure, bone density, body mass index, dental health, addiction screening, stress screening.

Health care services for individuals in all stages of life.
Maintain medical records of the residents.
Update state department of health regularly.
Assign 100 patients per medical doctor.

Establish or connect to nearby biochemistry laboratory in case lab services are required (blood chemistry).
Patient education.
Research/investigate in case of any medical emergency and measures to prevent such medical emergencies.
Update local medical emergency to place competent medical doctors with ability to reach correct diagnosis and treatment and answer all relevant questions.
Every individual needs annual health care assessment.

Should primary health care or hospitals organize health care discussions in communities?
Yes, they should.

What are advantages of organizing health care discussions?
Discussion relevant to stress decreases stress.
Patient education.

What should a medical emergency or primary health care provider answer in case of medical emergency?

Did the primary health care provider do a proper annual health care assessment?

Did the primary health care provider miss anything in the annual health care assessment?

Did the primary health care provider offer proper preventive health care advice?

Most of the time, there are wrong referrals to medical emergency.
Most of the time, any genuine medical emergency is due to improper primary health care.

Existing resident services can be educated to be medical doctors and provide primary health care.

What equipment and resources should ideally be in a primary health center?

1. Height measuring scale.
2. Weighing scale.
3. Snells chart for vision screening.
4. Blood biochemistry analyzer.
5. Computer with Internet connection.
6. Human thermometer.
7. Blood pressure equipment.
8. Competent medical doctors and staff.

What equipment and resources should ideally be in a hospital emergency facility?

1. All equipment required in primary health center plus equipment elaborated below.
2. Crash cart.
3. Hospital emergency bed.
4. Electronic monitor
5. Competent medical doctors and staff.

Who nominates or recommends health care resources for the residents in the building and this area?

Who has duty to provide and supervise such health care services in this area from the state department of health?

Those in primary health care should know you are in public service.
You should know about state economy and state budget.

Questions you need to answer

How many medical doctors are expected to attend?
Are they ready to answer relevant questions?
Is there going to be any discussion?
What is the time and duration of discussion?
Are medical doctors who are likely to see the residents able to answer relevant questions?
Where will residents go in case follow-up is required?
How will state department of health be updated?

Questions patient should answer

Do you have a primary health care provider?
Who is your primary health care provider?
When did you last see a medical doctor?
When did you last see your primary health care provider?
How long has he or she been your primary health care provider?
When did you first see him or her as primary health care provider?

Primary Health Care

What happens during a primary health care annual visit?

You present your identity card to the receptionist, who asks you a few questions.
The receptionist will ask you to fill out a form with a few questions if required.
You will be seated.
A nurse will come and take you to the lab, where a technician will take blood samples for blood chemistry. You will be taken to another room to test your vital signs.
A nurse will measure your height and weight for body mass index.

You will be taken to the medical doctor’s office for diagnosis and treatment.

If you get Internet health care, the routine is different.
Annual health assessment.
Primary Health Care Center http://www.primaryhealthcarecenter.org/faqs.php
What is primary health care?