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Here are further guidelines.
October 9, 2012
What questions should be answered before you circulate news of any prize?

What skills or knowledge, product, or service in essential ingredient of economy did he or she create that can help other human beings?
What is the category of this prize, like health care, law, education, engineering, other?
Is this resource able to answer relevant questions? Has this resource displayed answers to relevant questions that are essential to the issue?

Take a look at this.
This is not a simple web site.
This has intellectual property that is valuable to billions of people around the world.
Other Internet sites do not have similar resources.

You need to ask relevant questions before you circulate any news of a prize.

This example will make you understand.
Media outlets should not circulate findings of the Nobel committee unless it answers relevant questions.

On October 8, 2012, the Nobel Prize was awarded to two scientists who discovered that mature, specialized cells can be reprogrammed to become immature cells capable of developing into all tissues of the body.

This research has been done on nonhumans.

There are questions that need to be answered.

How will these research findings help in diagnosis and treatment of a human being?

What diagnosis and treatment of human beings will benefit from this?

What are the reasons for awarding prizes of recognition to people who do not deserve a prize?

Monopoly sponsored.
Racial coterie.
Gang members reinforcing each other.
Ulterior motives under the pretext of prizes.
Incompetent committee or person selecting the prize winners.
In certain regions, if a person commits harms, or someone he or she nominates, he or she gets recognized under the pretext of a prize.

What are the types of prizes?
Prize can be those of recognition or lottery.
Deserving prize winners should be recognized.
Lottery winners should not be recognized.
Undeserved recognition should not be promoted.

Why are these questions essential?
The winner of a prize of recognition usually becomes a role model for others.
An undeserving prize winner becoming a role model for others will be harmful to communities.
Various prizes do not have genuine recognition motive; they have reasons displayed above.

Do we circulate news of a resource who is not able to answer relevant questions?

Do we recognize and highlight the prize of a person who does not deserve it and got it under vested motives?

Do we need a global prize committee?

What should be the duties of a global prize committee?