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About the Board of Professional Examinations:
Is it justified?
Is it fair?
Is it required?
What other options are better?
Are better options available?

Let's examine this.
Higher education commission, university grants commission, union public service commission, public service commission, their associates and counterparts. They don't have answers to these questions. They don't have correct answers to the questions.
What is good human character?
What is good human behavior?

Do you think they can administer any exam fairly?
Why do we need approval from a person who is incompetent and came to power with fraud and cheating?

How would I manage this differently?

You first need to identify and declare.
What work is available?
How is performance measured?
How long do you need this product or service?
Who provided this requirement?
Have these requirements been calculated on scientific grounds?
How was the figure calculated?

What is the existing ratio of medical doctor patients to medical doctor residents in the state?
What should be the medical doctor–patient ratio?
How many total medical doctors are there in this state?
How many more are required?
How was the figure calculated?

What are your requirements?
Take a look at this.
Is that your requirement?
Law College
Medical College
Engineering College
Police Training College
Defence College
Teacher Training College
College of Nursing
Master of Business Administration
Veterinary College Industry Specific
Last Updated: March 3, 2017