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Publishing-Project Report
Hard Cover Books
Business Cards
Annual Reports
Variable Data/Image
Printing press

How do you establish a printing press?
How do you program a printing press?

What is screen printing?
What are the different types of bindings I can use for my multi-page projects?
What is the difference between coated and uncoated stock?
What's the difference between "spot colors" and "four color process?
How long will a screen print last?
What are Halftones?
What is PPI?
What are the common sizes for catalogs and booklets?
What does the book printer mean by trim size?
What type of material can I print my banner or sign on?
What is dpi?
What determines the price of a (publishing product)?
What is cover stock?
What is direct printing?
What type of banner is best for outdoor applications?
What is a color bleed?
How long will your catalog or booklet be used?
What is engraving?
What is the standard window measurement for business envelopes?
What are the standard substance weights for envelopes?
What type of label is best for outdoor and industrial applications?
What are color separations?
What is digitizing?
What are the different ways that my mousepads can be printed?
What are the most popular sizes for personalized note pads?
What is a lupe (loupe)?
How do I prepare my text for the printer?
What is hexachrome?
Should I buy labels from an office supply store or from the manufacturer?
What is the difference between 100# text stock and 14pt card stock?
What does (4 over 1) or (4 over 4) mean?
What are the grades of paper and the basis weight of each?