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State housing and development resident services
What are the duties of resident services?

Fix any problem a resident is having.
Be honest in interpreting the issues.
Get involved in annual inspections.
Bring various products and services in essential ingredients of economy to residents.
Take quality skills and knowledge, products and services in essential ingredients of the economy to people from residents. Here are further guidelines.

Do no harm.

Ideally, who should supervise resident services?

A medical doctor should ideally supervise resident services within the state.
Experience has shown that some resident services have harmed the resident instead of fixing his/her problems.

What department should supervise resident services?

State department of human services
State department of housing and development
Here are further guidelines.

What questions should a person be able to answer associated with resident services in the state?

How many total residents are in the building as of January 17, 2012?
What is the resident capacity of the building?
How did you verify that all residents getting health care have correct diagnosis and proper treatment?
How did you verify that no resident is been harmed?
How did you verify that all problems of residents have been fixed?
What is the profile of residents' skills and knowledge?
What did you do to enhance residents' skills and knowledge?

Ideally, a medical doctor should be a case manager and in charge of resident services.

What is your response to these facts?