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Road Traffic Accidents
Don't write road traffic accident.
This may be sabotage.
This may be an accident.
This may be due to alcohol or drugs.

Road traffic crashes or accidents are serious issues.

What are the various essential road transportation routes?

How should the route and number of transportation trips be fixed?

How should these trips be assigned to the Kashmir Transporters Association and SRTC?

Why are so many people involved in traffic accidents?

What is a traffic accident?

What is traffic sabotage? (Road traffic)

How is traffic sabotage carried out? (Road traffic)

Who is involved in the sabotage? (Road traffic)

How many road traffic crashes were documented in North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, South America, and Africa, in 2011?

Did they document the circumstances?

Who should be involved and included in the emergency response team?

Who has the duty and responsibility to educate the emergency response team?

How could this have been prevented?

Road traffic crashes or accidents.

Safety is the priority.

How could this have been prevented?

Check the fitness of the vehicle twice a year. Construct alternate safer routes, tunnels.
Crash helmets for two-wheeler.
Coordination between various departments and services.
Traffic, MVD, Executive Police, Law and Order, Health, Roads and Buildings, Fire and Emergency Service, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Defense, etc.
Formulate proper timetable and route schedule, buses, trucks, private vehicles.
Identify spots vulnerable to road traffic crashes or accidents.
Identifying and researching road traffic sabotage.
Maintaining adequate passenger load.
Making alcohol a controlled substance.
Maintain proper speed.
Proper education of drivers.
Proper rest for drivers while on highways.
Proper construction of roads.
Proper maintenance of roads.
Proper installation of road signs.

Case scenario 1

When and where should you as a medical doctor intubate patient in a road traffic crash or accident?

History of road traffic crash or accident.
No spontaneous eye opening.
Patient cannot speak.
No response to painful stimulus.
No radial or carotid pulse.
No respiratory movement, sounds, or heart sounds.
Start an intravenous line.
Intubate the patient.
This should be done at the location of the road traffic crash or accident by a medical doctor.
Give intravenous bolus of atropine or adrenaline.
Senior doctor can supervise from a distance.

If you really want to diagnose, properly treat, and care for a patient in road traffic crashes or accidents, this is the best way of diagnosis and treatment.

Case scenario 2

What should you do as a medical doctor in a road traffic crash or accident if the patient can speak but has pain on movement, is unable to get up, unnable to move a specific joint, has brief unconsciousness, open wound, or vomiting?

Q) How can injuries be prevented?
Q) What do the police know about this?
Q) What does the judiciary branch know about this?
Q) What should the police and judiciary branch know about this?
Q) What further research is required?