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Service rules in the state and outside the state.
What are essential service rules in the state and outside the state?
You should never lie.
You should always speak the truth.
If you are asked questions about an issue, you should answer truthfully to the best of your abilities and knowledge.
You should not harm others.
If you harm others, public safety act detention will be applicable to the situation.
You should not get involved in any felony or misdemeanor crime.
Your focus should be on public service.
You cannot harm.
Speak English only is among workplace rules.
Please speak in English.
English is the official language.

You are in public service.
Do not violate anyone’s rights while on or off duty.

Exempt and nonexempt Posting

If you are highly skilled, you can get exempt posting.
If you have exempt posting, you can leave the location of work or work from another location, home office, for example www.qureshiuniversity.com, and issue guidelines.
If you have nonexempt posting, you cannot leave the location of work.
You have to report at specific time, location, working hours.
You cannot violate the rights of others.

Transfers and posting

What department should go ahead with transfers and posting in the state or outside the state?
State department of human resources.
State department of human services.
This should be done in consultation with other departments or individuals affected by transfer and posting.

Here are further guidelines.