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What questions should the staff be able to answer?
What is the profile of the guide of the staff?
What abilities/knowledge should the staff have?

Staff members should be able to answer relevant questions.

What are the duties of guide of the staff?
Display guidelines publicly for staff and the public.

What type of professionals work in the state department of human services?
Case managers
Computer and Internet programmers
Supervisors of these professions
Controller of Rationing with State
Rations Officer
Coordinators with other departments
Ration food and supplies store in the state
Coordination with other departments.

What departments should a state department of human services coordinate with in the state and outside the state?
1. State department of agriculture and food sciences.
2. State department of economy and budget.
3. State department of health.
4. State department of school education.
5. State department of housing and development.
6. State department of police or defense.
7. State department of water.
8. State department of electricity.
9. State department of textiles.
10. State department of telecommunications.
11. State department of transportation.
12. State department of food and supplies.
13. State department of planning and development.
14. State department of information and broadcasting.
15. State department of law/justice.
16. State department of industries.
17. State department of mechanical engineering.
18. State department of higher education.
19. State department of Human Resources
20. State Offices and Agencies of Emergency Management
21. Other.
How many workers are connected to these departments in the state?
What is their profile?
How many people are outside the state at this point?
What are they trying to accomplish?
How do you keep track of their activities?
Do they need continuing education?
Is there any deficiency in any department?

What is the equivalent of a state department of human services in other states?

Consumer affairs, food and public distribution.
Few states have established a state department of human services.
Few states have a state department of food and supplies with some role of state department of human services.
Various states have a public distribution system having the role of a state department of human services.
You need to add the name of the specific state.
For example:
State Department of Human Services,

How should a state department of human services configure Internet services?
How do you program this application?
What files do you need?
What problems may occur?

If the state does not have such Internet applications, Qureshi University is willing to educate workers. Nominate relevant workers.

How many people should work in this department?
How do you evaluate if the state department of human services is doing good work?

What questions should you be able to answer?

What are the basic human rights?
How do you define state economy?
How do you define a state budget?
What is the Essential Commodities Act?
What is the Essential Services Maintenance Act?
What is the Fair Housing Act?
What do you call the method of recording, summarizing, reporting, and analyzing quotas for food, clothing, building needs, transportation, communications, health care, education, land resources, etc., in the state?

These are basic questions.
There are many more.