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State planning and development

Q. What are the minimum dimensions a state should have?
Here are further guidelines.

Q. Should you expect sabotage during the process of planning and development?
A: Yes.

Why would anyone commit sabotage?
There are many bad-charactered, badly behaved, incompetent people around, and those involved in nonessential ingredients of the economy, intentionally, would like to continue that way. So would people reinforcing those involved in criminal offenses or nonessential ingredients of the economy.

People placed unfairly and getting resources unfairly without enhancing essential ingredients of economy would like to continue like that, and those connected to nonessential ingredients of the economy would like to get things unfairly without getting involved in enhancing essential ingredients of the economy.

Q. What should happen if an existing building, house, or construction site comes in the way of proposed highways, avenues, streets, or alleys?
A: Those who are using the building will be provided similar or better building elsewhere in the state.
Do not involve any money.

Q. Can any money be transferred from outside the state to purchase any land, property within the state?
A: No.

What are the consequences of such transactions?
This is going to harm the economy and budget.
This is going to be a fraudulent transaction, even if any fairly or unfairly placed person endorses it.

Q. Are American, Asian, and European monopolists connected?
A: Yes.
What is being done to stop a monopoly?

Q. How will you plan and develop a state iron factory for the needs of state railways and minimum four-storied buildings?