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Kashmir University is holding a seminar on Tuesday, April 20, 2010, at 1 PM in Ibn Khaldun Auditorium.
The theme of the seminar is "Allama Iqbal's Social Thought and Contemporary Problems."

I am Asif Qureshi;
I am a medical doctor.
This is in addition to being a medical doctor.
What are the key products and services?
Search engine, consultancy services, professional training, books. Other products and services.

I am the founder of Qureshi University.

Allama Iqbal
What did he preach or teach?
How are those teachings solving contemporary problems?

What do you know about him?
What do you like about his thoughts?
Where do you agree and disagree with his thoughts and concepts?

What would I like to know about him?

Did he speak the English language?
Did he write in the English language?
Where are his descendents and relatives?
Did anyone who is living at this point in time see him face to face and talk to him?
These questions are being asked on April 16, 2010.