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Writing in the English language
Writing guidelines

What is your writing situation?
What are the various English language writing situations?
Where will your writing be useful?
How will your writing be useful?
Do you have proper writing tools?
Do you need an editing service?
What do you have to do to write better in the English language?

Here are further guidelines.
Learning to write in the English language

Are you learning to write in the English language?
What situations do you plan to write about?
Do you need help improving your English language writing?

Here are further guidelines.
To-Do List

What should you include on a to-do list?

Here are further guidelines.
Topic for writing

What kinds of text should you write?

News reports
Research papers
Statement of Purpose

What should you not write?


How should you write?
In a questions-and-answer format.

Here are further guidelines.
Words required to write better in the English language

How many words do you know in English?
How many words should you know to write relevant documents in English?

Here are further guidelines.
Writing tools

Ancient writing tools
More modern writing tools

Why did people in the olden days write with a quill (i.e., a feather)?
They did not have any computers or word processors.
During certain historical eras, only the king and his associates had quills, ink, and paper or its equivalent.

What did the quill, inkpot, and paper look like in olden days?

Here are further guidelines.
Writing fiction is not recommended.
Writing dramas is not recommended.
Writing poetry is not recommended.

Fiction creates a problem for facts.

Here are further guidelines.
Writers by continent

Are you an English language writer?
Can you edit English language documents?
What various situations do you write about?
How many pages have you written so far?
What is your profile?
Forward your detailed profile.

Here are further guidelines.