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What questions should you answer relevant to an idea?

What idea is being put forward?
Is this a new idea?
If it is a new idea, how will it solve people’s problems?
How did you verify it is a new idea?

What idea cannot be practiced in the world?

Any idea that is against good character, good behavior, insight of rights, state planning and development, state economy, and state budget.

How should you select an idea for discussion?
Will this idea help communities?
How will this idea help communities?

What is a new idea?

Manufacture of a fixed wing aircraft that goes up vertically.
Helicopters are manufactured like this.
Fixed wing aircraft are not manufactured like this.
This is a new idea.

What is not a new idea?
Essential commodities act.
Essential services maintenance act.
State economy.
State budget.
Human rights.
These are not new ideas.
These concepts are praticed worldwide up to 2012. If anyone is ignorant, incompetent, or gang member to enhance malicious agenda, that does not mean these are new ideas.
These concepts have been practiced from past many years.