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Getting away with murder-No way.
August 11, 2008.
Sheikh Abdul Aziz murdered.
Dozens killed.
Dozens others harmed, overtly and covertly.

Sheikh Abdul Aziz was killed at Chahal near border town Uri while leading a protest march towards Muzaffarabad, against the "economic blockade" enforced by Hindu's against Kashmiri muslims. Chahal, 25 kms away from the town of Uri.

Sheikh Aziz and other senior leaders were marching towards LoC along with hundreds of thousands of people, when RAW sponsored elements opened indiscriminate firing on them near Chahal Uri, killing Aziz and three other persons on the spot. At least 10 others also received bullet injures. Kashmir Liberation Front has called for national mourning for four days to mourn the martyrdom of Aziz and others killed. Eyewitnesses said Aziz received bullet injuries in stomach, Doctors said the separatist leader died due to excessive blood loss.


District police chief
District commissioner
Shabir Shah

DG CRPF, BSF, ITBP, Commander in chief ARMY, Air force Chief, Navy Intelligence.
Union Minister for Health, others.
Praful Patil, Pranab Mukerjee.

Do you lie?
Do you plan to lie?
Do you plan to falsely testify?
Do you know that a person's behavior can be modified?
Do you know a person's statement can be maliciously engineered?
Would you like to know how this process works?
Do you know a person can be brainwashed?
Do you know the consequences of false testimony?

What did you hear and see?
What happened?
What are your duties and responsibilities?
Who gave you these duties and responsibilities?

Where did this incident actually occur?
When did this incident happen precisely?
What types of techniques were used for sabotage?
Who is apparently behind this incident?
Who is covertly behind this incident?
What type of sabotage was done?
Who is involved?
Where are they located?
Are there any eye witnesses?
Who are the eye witnesses?
What did you hear and see?
Who are apparently involved?
Who is behind them?
Where are they located?
Was administration, police and intelligence alerted to take precautions?
Where is the nearest emergency medical center to this incident?
Can you describe the details of the incident in latitude and longitude terms?
How did this incident happen?
Who is Director General of the police?
What is his ethnicity?
Who is the head of the Military corps?
What is his ethnicity?
How is his character?
What skills, knowledge and qualities should a Director General of the Police have?
What skills, knowledge and qualities should a Chief Commander of the Military have?
Was the International Red cross alerted?
What type of weapon was used?
Who is the manufacturer?
Who is head of the home department?
Can you give a brief introduction to explain your duties and responsibilities?
Did police, administration arrange emergency medical services as expected?
What role did the International Red Cross play?
What role should the International Red Cross have played?
Where is the office of the Air Force located?

What is RAW?
    Raw is a loosely knit Hindu business coterie with overseas implications.
    Raw has an intelligence network. Raw places Ambassadors, Governors, Chief Justice, Member Parliament, Chief Secretaries, Head of the Police, Chief ministers, even the Prime minister and President. Raw needs dunderheads who are going to be rubber stamps for Raw.
Did the Air Force provide all the needed resources?
What resources does the Air Force have?
What are the resources for the military?
Are the Navy, Coast Guard, the armed forces, and the Air Force commanded separately or under the single command of the military? Who is the military Commander in Chief?
What are the resources in civil aviation?
Who is involved?
Who should face the consequences of this incident?
Who should be put under suspension and/or inquiry?
Who should be made to resign and/or face further prosecution?
What punishments do they deserve?

DG Kuldeep Khoda
Stay away from public affairs
Anyone following his directions or instructions will face consequences.

N N Vohra.
Stay away from public affairs
Anyone following his directions or instructions will face consequences.

Omar Abdullah
Stay away from public affairs
Anyone following his directions or instructions will face consequences.

More coming soon

Umar Farooq

Mr Naryanan is totally misleading his own people and trying to befool international community. There is absolutely no denying the fact that Sheikh Aziz was killed by the police and killed by an SLR rifle. We have eye witnesses to testify. Four other people were also killed in that incident. Such divisive acts will not help move things forward.


How do you ensure that a serviceman/employee is safe to serve before deployment/employment?
How do you ensure they aren't being manipulated by others internally/overseas to create social disharmony?
When a serviceman becomes a threat to public safety, what do you do?
What's the difference between a serviceman/employee and those who have been incarcerated under public safety rules and other pretexts?
What do servicemen become once they perform harmful acts?
Who should be held responsible, the serviceman/employee or the head of the organization who failed to give him proper training and safe equipment to enhance safety and security without inflicting harm?

Who is the manufacturer?
Where are they located?
What's their ethnicity?
Where is their office?
Do you know the head of the office?
Should Raw members be barred from administrative and business dynamics?
Should only core Raw criminals be punished?
Should Whites be barred from administrative and business dynamics?
Should only White criminals be punished?
What punishment do you deserve?