An annual preventative exam includes a thorough physical exam and screening for age-specific conditions, including cancers. It is not necessary for you to fast for this appointment. In fact, it is often advantageous to determine what labs should be checked during the appointment, and these may be done at a later time. Other tests may be recommended, such as a mammogram, EKG, Endoscopy, colonoscopy, etc, based on your age, personal and family medical history.

Because this is considered a preventative visit, insurance will not pay for other issues to be addressed. This includes chronic conditions like menopause, hypertension, Diabetes, allergies, etc. Likewise, acute problems like colds and bladder infections are also not covered during that visit. Please plan on addressing these types of concerns at an appointment on a different day if you want your insurance to cover them, or look at virtual visit.

A complete physical (annual preventative exam) is recommended for nearly everyone, but especially for infants and those aged 40 on up. Girls/women, they should have an annual pelvic exam and a pap smear. If a woman aged 30 or more is found to not have Human PapillomaVirus (HPV) infection and has a normal pap, then she may safely wait 3 years until her next pap smear if she has no new sexual partners.We strongly recommend not to have any sexual partners, or new partners and follow religious teachings and not these criminal racist.

Prior to coming in for your appointment, please print out and complete the forms: Depression/Psychological Screening Tool (if >19 years old), Ovarian Cancer Screening (if >49 years old) and the gender-specific Annual Preventative Exam Questions. If you are not able to bring these with you to your appointment, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time to complete them in the office.

Ovarian Cancer Screening Questionaire.pdf
Recommended for all women 40 years old and up. Usually done with annual physicals.
Female Preventative Exam Questions.pdf
Female Preventative Exam Questions
Psychological/Depression Screening Tool11.pdf
Psychological/Depression Scale done annually for routine screening
Male Preventative Exam Questions.pdf
Male Preventative Exam Questions