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Medical Doctor
How do you do a diagnosis and treatment audit?
What were the symptoms?
What were the signs?
When did the symptoms or any sign start?
How did the symptoms or any sign start?
Who reported the symptoms, signs, or problem?
Did the medical condition interfere with daily activities?
Was the medical condition corrected with any treatment?
What is the diagnosis?
Who diagnosed and treated him or her?
Where and when did he or she first diagnose him or her?
How did the doctor reach this diagnosis?
Why was this treatment recommended?
What would happen if this treatment was not recommended?
How would events happen if this treatment was not recommended?
What questions need to be answered to reach to correct diagnosis?
Where is he at this point as of February 16, 2011?
Where is he at this point as of ________ __, 2011?
Who informed you?
How did you get this information?
This will help to find out credibility of information.
What is the most likely diagnosis?
Who recommended the medical procedure?
How will the patient improve after the medical procedure?
What investigations are required?
Is there any update about his well-being?
Surgery Patients
Why was there need for surgery?
What would happen if surgery was not done?
Where was the surgery done?
What is the hospital contact information?
When was the surgery done?
Who was the treating doctor?
What is his contact information?
Can I contact his doctor?
How do you do a diagnosis and treatment audit in oncology?
Is it a benign tumor or malignant tumor (cancer)?
Is it cancer?
How did you reach this diagnosis?
What is the origin of cancer cells?
How do you evaluate, diagnose, or treat a hospitalized person?
How do you audit admission to hospitals?
How do you determine a disability?
What are various types of disability?

How do you do a treatment audit?
What are the treatment options?
Is this the best treatment option among all options?
What are the goals of the treatment?
Is the treatment appropriate for this diagnosis?
Does this meet international standards, recent advances, and preventive and curative concepts of medicine?
How should you audit needless referrals?

Do needless referrals cause more harm than service?
Yes, it does.
What is the reason for referral?
Why can’t the referring person fix it?
You need to understand the issue.
Who is your treating medical doctor?
Is this doctor a male or a female?
How long has he/she been your treating medical doctor?
When did you first see him/her?
Who recommended him/her to you?
How did you verify his/her competence?
I/we need to verify his/her competence.
Please forward these questions to your doctor.