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Ocean Engineering
What is the difference between Ocean Engineering and Oceanography?
Why are map projections essential tools of physical oceanography?
Where can I find general information about oceanography?
Why does the Navy study oceanography?
What is the difference between Marine Biology and Oceanography?
Where is the Superswell located?
Where are coral reefs found?
Which sequence is thought to represent the evolution of coral reefs around volcanic islands?
Which seafloor sediment precipitates directly from seawater?
Which seafloor sediment is derived from land?
What are manganese nodules an example of?
Where are manganese nodules found?
Which type of sediment is very easy to transport but very difficult to erode?
Which common mineral is most resistant to weathering?
Which feature is not characteristic of a mature sediment?
Where does most erosion take place?
Where does most deposition take place?
Which marine province is unusual in experiencing significant underwater erosion?
Which family of minerals are most lithogenous sediments primarily composed of?
What is the largest reservoir of carbon on earth?
At what latitude are most radiolarian oozes found?
At what latitude are most diatom oozes found?
Which condition promotes the precipitation of calcium carbonate?
What is the Calcite Compensation Depth (CCD)?
How far below sea level is the Calcite Compensation Depth (CCD) on average?
Why are more calcarious oozes found in the South Pacific than in the North Pacific?
What is the typical rate of abyssal clay accumulation on the deep sea floor?