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Stress and Public Health
Life Stressors
Stress and Public Health
Are life stressors public health issues?

How are life stressors public health issues?
Research by Dr. Asif Qureshi, founder of Qureshi University and the Global Democratic party has revealed that there are more than 180 causes of stress. Proper stress management can prevent various human medical conditions or diseases.

A counselors professional goals should be stress counseling.

There is only one best doctor on this planet.

His name: Dr. Asif Qureshi.

His focus: The planet.

His concern: Public health.

His Profile: Take a look at this,

What is his concern about you?

Do you have stress?

Dr. Asif Qureshi’s research has revealed that there are 180 causes of stress that can harm an individual.
He tries to solve them at the public health level.

Certain situations may require Dr. Asif Qureshi's individualized consultation.

What are various life stressors a human being can experience?
There are more than 180 life stressors. A human being can experience one or more life stressors at any given point.

Life stressors can be good stressors or bad stressors.

If bad life stressors are not managed properly or appropriate help is not obtained, bad life stressors can lead to various harms.

A medical doctor can experience life stressors. A counselor can experience life stressors. Stressors can be good or bad.

Do you have any problem?
If yes, what is the problem?
Do you get anger spells?
Do you talk to yourself?
Do you make any gestures while thinking alone? Do you quarrel?
Did you quarrel with anyone in the last month? Do you have sleep problems?
Do you feel upset?

If yes, these are symptoms and signs of severe stress.
What types of stress are you having?
You need to see a competent medical doctor who is able to answer relevant questions.

Do you have any other problem?

Do you know anyone with these symptoms and signs?

He or she needs to see a competent medical doctor who is able to answer relevant questions.

If you or anyone else has issues or problems, bring them to a medical doctor who is able to answer relevant questions.

Do you need access to more health care resources?

What should a patient and his or her relatives or well wishers be careful about?

Do not get tricked by big names in health care without getting answers to relevant questions.

You have the right to free quality health care in the state in which you reside.

You can get referred to this resource: www.qureshiuniversity.com/healthcareworld.html.

Stress can affect virtually any organ system of the human body.

How many medical conditions are caused by stress?
More than 100 medical conditions are the result of stress. These are the most common medical conditions.

Why is there a need to elaborate on life stressors?
Life stressors are most common cause of various common medical conditions.

This is applicable to specific discussion.
This is applicable to stress discussion.

What are the advantages of discussion?
Discussion is a method of education.
Discussion is a method of counseling.
Discussion helps to identify stressors.
Discussion helps to decrease stress.
Discussion helps to cope with stress.
Discussion helps to generate new ideas to solve problems.
Discussion about stress relieves stress.
Discussions with competent persons can be helpful. Discussions with incompetent persons can be harmful.
E-mailing helps to detect competent and incompetent persons.
E-mailing helps to decrease and cope with stress.
E-mailing details of specific topic is a method of counseling.

We need to discuss.
We need to discuss stress.

Do you feel upset about anything?
If yes, you are having stress.

Does stress affect your everyday life and relationships with people?
Is this a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or long-term stressor?
Is this a mild, moderate, severe, extreme, or catastrophic stressor?

What are advantages of organizing health care discussions?
Discussion relevant to stress decreases stress.

What do you know about various life stressors?
What should you know about various life stressors?
How do you screen a person for past, present, and future life stressors in his or her life?
Are you experiencing any life stressors?
What life stressors are you experiencing?
What types of stressors have you faced up to now?
What types of stressors do you think others have faced?
How many life stressors do you know?
How have you managed each life stressor at various points?
What life stressors can a human being experience?

Here are further guidelines.