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What are examples of continents and states?
Continents are North America, Asia, Australia, Africa, South America, and Antarctica.
State means state of Illinois, New York, California, Yukon, Kashmir, Karnataka, and similar states.

What should you know before you get involved in any land issues in the state or outside the state?
You should know everything about state planning and development.
First, understand state planning and development, then get involved in land issues.
A whimsical report comes out within few days: New Land Acquisition Act.

How is this legislative directive flawed?
Any new land acquisition act is flawed unless state planning and development is taken into consideration.
New Land Acquisition Act 2013 passed by the Lok Sabha is not applicable to any state.
The process of drafting the legislation was flawed due to the fact that state planning and development was not taken into consideration.

Most of the members of Lok Sabha have criminal cases.
Do you follow the directives of criminals?
State planning and development has to prevail.
Agriculture and food sciences land gets priority over any roads and buildings.

How is state planning and development elaborated?
Agriculture and food sciences land in the state.
Adjudication of land issues.
Airport land in the state.
Animal farms land in the state.
Land for manufacturing engineering products.
Health care land, including hospital buildings.
Food and supplies warehouses.
Office buildings for departments in the state.
Housing land.
Roads and buildings land.
Transportation stands, parking land.
School land in the state.
Water resources in the state.
Other resources.

Agriculture and food sciences land in the state.

How is agriculture and food science land ideally demarcated?
Individuals live at a location. Part of the land is utilized for agriculture and food sciences, and part land for housing purposes.

Up to the time those in agriculture and food science contribute products and services under the pretext of the essential commodities act, essential services maintenance acts to protect the system of food and supplies. They are assets for the state.

Do not forward any products from the state without updating state food and supplies, economy and budget, state department of law, state planning and development, and other departments in the state.

Water resources.

What is the Water Resources (Regulation and Management) Act?
Raising obstructions and construction on the banks of the rivers is not allowed.

What are various guidelines for state planning and development?
In any location in the world, Nazool, Tehsildar and pathwaris do not exist.
Nazool stands discarded.
The pathwaris are discarded.
Do not disturb or harass residents of the state.
Do not collect any revenue.

Collect or deposit items including agriculture and food sciences products, textiles, health care products, housing materials, vehicles, and education materials.
Distribute them among state residents through a public distribution system. Only surplus products may go outside the state.

Adjudication of land issues.

If an individual has the job description of a judge, does that mean the judge is competent?

What are various examples of judges being incompetent?
On September 5, 2013 an individual from Srinagar, Kashmir, Ashwani Kumar, highlighted as a judge, gave a directive to a house officer at the police Kothibagh police station pertaining to land issues at Lalchowk Srinagar, Kashmir.
From his directive, it is evident that he had not done proper legal research before dealing with the case.

What is the most difficult part of administration of justice in or outside the state?
Legal research.

What needs to be done?
Profile of supervising judge and station house officer of specific police station must be displayed.

Is this judge a competent individual?
Is he trying to use police at this location for vested interests?
What are the dimensions of land at this location?
How was this piece of land utilized over the last 40 years?
Who has claimed rights over land use from the state and why?
What justification do they give to claim the rights over land use in the state?
Who has the genuine right of the demarcated land?

Get answers to these questions and I will forward the verdict.

This is not a fictional movie.
This is reality.

What is the full name of the individual behind this reality?
Al Hajj Harb bo zerab Zile le Illahi Maqdoom Mohmed Asif Syed Qureshi, doctorate in philosophy.

I am Asif Qureshi;
I am a medical doctor.
This is in addition to being a medical doctor.
What are the key products and services?
Search engine, consultancy services, professional training, books. Other products and services.

I am the founder of Qureshi University.

I hereby present state planning and development.
This has taken years to research, compile, and put together.

Usually, states dedicate such events with a massive gathering, presentations, etc. Due to the Internet, things can be presented and displayed in a better way.

Why did I have to compile this state planning and development?
It is because others failed to do so.

What are the reasons for their failure?
Incompetence, intentional discrimination, negligence.

Planning department, R&B, Housing and Urban Development Department, SMC, CAPD, District administrators, Police Department:
What are your duties and responsibilities in this scenario?

You need to understand it.
You need to discuss it.
You need to maintain details, measurements, maps, and diagrams at a secure location.
You need to raise questions relevant to it.
You should try to answer these questions yourself.
If you aren't able to answer yourself, others aren't able to answer.
I will help you to answer.
I even will help you to frame questions, if you aren't able to frame a question.

What type of remuneration would I prefer?

Eventually what matter are competence, performance, and quality.

1 Crore = 10 Million

A state wasted Rs 40.27 crore for a few years, an audit revealed, ranging from flawed planning, improper management, impulsive moves, casual approach, fradulent transactions and inflated accounts investigations pending.

Should they have given me two crores worth quota to prevent this waste?

If any state is looking for a few suggestions, those suggestions have been displayed.

What is included in full-fledged planning and development guidelines?
All relevant questions have been designed and answered.
All relevant dimensions to the state.
All relevant diagrams.
Every heading displayed has been enumerated in question and answer format.

It will take at least two years to transfer all details, question and answers, diagrams, and dimensions to state planning and development and other workers after receiving initial quota.

You need to deposit quota with state consumer affairs, food and public distribution, including quota for international and interstate travel.

What is meant by quota?

Every worker will need a computer.
Every worker will need an Internet connection.
A few workers may need international travel and interstate travel.
Every worker will need adequate resources of food, clothing, building or housing needs, transportation, health care, continuing education, maintenance services, consumer goods, and communications.
This will need more than 100 experienced engineers, 10 experienced lawyers to properly preserve all details, and more than 100 senior experienced security officers and police officers in the state.
This will need international and local media wherever required.

Should you expect sabotage during the process of planning and development?


Why would anyone commit sabotage?

Bad-charactered, badly behaved, incompetent people and those involved in nonessential ingredients of the economy, those placed unfairly and getting resources unfairly or connected to nonessential ingredients of the economy would like to get things unfairly without getting involved in enhancing essential ingredients of the economy or by reinforcing those involved in criminal offenses or nonessential ingredients of the economy.

Q: What should be the initial lessons in every Engineering college?
A: Planning and Development.

In many Engineering colleges, they start with lessons about strengths of materials, corrosion, general chemistry, or physics.

Others get unfair admission to engineering college, pass time at the canteen until four years are over, and hobnob with corrupt regimes, thus harming people.

Q: Why is it necessary to encourage adjacent states to follow similar or better planning and development?
A: Their bad planning and development can harm you.

Q: What should engineers focus on after state planning and development?
A: Engineers (civil, mechanical, electrical, aerospace) should focus on their specific specialties.
After state planning and development, agriculture engineers or scientists should focus on fields.

Q: How will you plan and develop a state iron factory for the needs of state railways and minimum four-storied buildings?

Q: Should agriculture engineers or scientists know about state planning and development?
A: Yes.

Q: Is there a link between state planning and development and delimitation or Representation of the People Act?
A: No, there is not.

Do we need town planners?
No, we don't.

Why don't we need town planners?
Experience has shown that self-styled, incompetent, Mafia-connected town planners destroyed the rights of people without knowing basics of state planning and development, state economy, state budget, and rights.

Do we need competent workers in state planning and development?
Yes, we do.

Do we need compartment planners?
Yes, we do, provided they know about state planning and development.
Latin America
School Building and School Land
Dimensions of the state.

Q: What are the minimum dimensions a state should have?
A: A state typically should have a total area of 360,000 to 560,000 square miles. Those that have less than this should merge with an adjacent state.

Q: Why is it necessary to encourage adjacent states to follow similar or better planning and development?
A: Their bad planning and development can harm you.
Total number of compartments of the state.
Dimensions of compartments.
Dimensions of buildings.
Dimensions of roads: highways, avenues, streets, alleys.
Railways, Subway system.
    Here is another example of the importance of proper state planning and development.

    A railway bridge subway system of 11 feet and 10 inches height is located near Winthrop and Foster on the North Side of Chicago, Illinois.
    The bridge is running north and south.
    On Friday July 16, 2010, in the evening, a truck coming from the east tried to cross under the bridge toward the west.
    The height of truck was more than the height of the bridge underpass.
    There was damage.

    Who should be held responsible for this bad planning and development?
    What are the duties and responsibilities of city, state, railway bridge developer, state planning and development, and/or truck manufacturer in this scenario?
    What should be maximum height of a truck?
    What should be the height of a flyover railway bridge?
    What are the different types of railway bridges?
Traffic stands.
Power transmission network.
Heating and cooling system in the buildings.
Maintenance of buildings.
Maintenance of roads and other facilities.
Drainage System
Food, clothing warehouses
Security establishments
Health care
Industry-specific, situation-specific education training and development.
Grain fields
Animal farms
Food processing industries
Clothing factories
Industrial estates adjacent to regions of the city.
People are going ahead with development work without exact symmetrical dimensions of state planning and development of main cities and states in most continents of world. Except for agriculture, if done on scientific grounds, all this development is going to be wasted.
You need to have exact, symmetrical urban planning and development.
Do you have that?
Where is it displayed?
If you don't have it, you need to implement this urban planning and development. If you don't implement this, things won't work and move ahead.

What are the minimum dimensions a state should have?
A state typically should have a total area of 360,000 to 560,000 square miles. Those that have less than this should merge with an adjacent state.

Are existing workers performing properly?
Are existing workers competent?
Do they need continuing education?
Dimensions of the city.
Dimensions of city blocks.
    Should fruit trees and grain fields be located within the city?

    Should animal farms be located within the city?

    What cities are at risk of crisis due to bad planning?
    New York, Chicago, London, Delhi, San Francisco, Mumbai, other similar cities.

    State planning and development
    Here are further guidelines.